Things to Do in Hollywood, FL

Hollywood in Florida is famous for its beautiful long beach that spans over 5 miles (8 km). But, the beach is not the only thing it is renowned for. There are other exciting things you could explore especially because it is a great romantic spot for couples, hang out for friends or a location for a solo getaway. Check out our list of 7 things you definitely shouldn’t miss when visiting Hollywood, FL.

7 Things to do in Hollywood, FL

Take a walk along The Beach Broadwalk

The name Broadwalk was coined from how wide the road leading to the beach was. Not Board, but Broadwalk. This Broadwalk goes as far as 8 or 9 km, and the view is not the only thing you get to enjoy. You can cycle your way along the street, enjoy street foods while you burn away some calories on the road. There are many things to explore along the way, and your kids will especially love the playground or just building a sandcastle on the beach.

Self-guide Mural Tour

Mural artists across the world have come to this city to add exterior décor onto buildings. This then resulted in what is called the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project. You can easily find the map of the mural project online and print them out or keep them in your phone and start exploring the city with these beautiful paintings to guide you.

The Hollywood Beach Resort (Hotel)

Finished in the year 1923, and over 95 years later, the Hollywood Beach Resort/ hotel still stands. It has become a witness of many things that happened in the city, from Hurricane to Great Depression and Recession. Today, its name has been changed from the hotel to resort and still retains one of many original structures in the city. It is the one place that will surely make your pictures look incredibly vintage.

Runas Peruvian Cuisine (Hollywood Printing and Publishing Plant)

No longer a printing plant, the Hollywood Printing and Publishing Plant now known as Runas Peruvian Cuisine is today used as a restaurant. While you enjoy your food, be awed at the fact that it was built in 1924 and also was the first City Hall of Hollywood. It has been renovated and its interior redesigned to suit the Peruvian theme, but many of the original designs are still intact, making it a great tourist spot. You will especially love the professional service here.

Hollywood Hot Glass

This is not the experience you will get in just any city. At least, if none of your close family members work in the glass-making industry. Gain knowledge of how to melt and shape your very own glass. Experts and professionals will interact with you one-on-one and teach you how to develop and blow melted glass. Also, you get to purchase a wide array of collections made by professionals.

Cinema Paradiso

Enjoy a movie by visiting the local cinema known as Cinema Paradiso. You can check the schedule that is available online. It is a very different experience from the usual. The cinema has small, comfy rooms instead of large studios. Because parking can get tricky, make sure to arrive early!

Topeekeegee Yugnee Park
Derived from the Indian name which means “A Gathering or Meeting Point,” this place has a vast space for group activities and are often booked for wedding venues. So, if you are lucky, you might encounter happy couples saying their vows while enjoying a picnic here!


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