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South Florida Fence Co has years of experience in Hollywood, FL and we have provided countless clients with top rated materials for fencing installation services in the South Florida region. If you are seeking new fence installations that are affordable and offer a host of benefits such as easy maintenance, low cost, noise reduction and privacy, then contact us today for an appointment and a free estimate. We have worked in Hollywood, FL area for decades and as an established fence company, we are licensed, bonded and insured fence contractor. You can rest assured that our work is guaranteed and our team of fence contractor and builders pays close attention to detail when installing your fencing.

Perhaps you have neighbors that are too close and you require privacy or your business needs demand that your clients must have discretion and security. Fencing provides all of this and looks attractive. Fencing not only provides great curb appeal and can add to the market value of your property, but it can also create a safety barrier for those you love such as children and pets. South Florida Fence Co has a wide range of fencing solutions when you require temporary or permanent fencing that is a deterrent or blends nicely into your landscape.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, our fence contractors have the insight and solutions you need to create the environment you want. We are the leading fence company in the heart of Hollywood, FL. 

​As a home improvement and commercial element fence company offer property owners a host of benefits as well as customer satisfaction. Its versatility, fencing styles, and durability of materials make it a good option for many owners when they are seeking safety and security measures or crowd control and entry access strategies. South Florida Fence Co has a wide range of fencing options and our fence contractors have a full suite of services they offer that is hassle-free. Our years of experience in Hollywood, FL, and top-rated materials make your fencing decision an investment you can feel confident is a good strategy.


As a commercial property owner, you likely have a lot of responsibilities, and ensuring that your business is a smooth operation is at the top of the list. Often safety and security of your staff and clients is a factor for a properly functioning business. Commercial fencing can contribute to a high level of security and safety that everyone feels to work productively and to use your business services.

Vinyl fence as a material has been around for a number of years but because it is an eco-friendly material for fencing, it has become increasingly popular. If you are an environmentally conscious consumer in Hollywood, FL, the vinyl fence installation might be a good option to consider. It is durable and can be recycled if you opt to install a different type of fencing years later. Vinyl fence is also low maintenance and does not require the same level of care that many other materials such as wood need and it is resistant to pest infestations like termites and resistant to mold.


When you want fencing that offers privacy and sound reduction, wood fencing might be the perfect solution you are seeking. Call our fencing contractors in Hollywood, FL today for a wide range of wood fence options that match your aesthetic as well as afford you the level of privacy you need when you have a property with topography that is highly varied. A wood fence provides you with options of high and low fencing that remains consistent in design and style.

What Our Client Say

Walter P.

​“We had a privacy fence installed and it has worked out very well for us. Our neighbors don’t hear us and we do not hear them. It’s a win-win situation to find a Hollywood fence company like them and we’re very happy with the work South Florida Fence Co conducted. Good job!”

Pat H.

“We selected a vinyl fencing in our back yard after much debate and we’re very happy with our choice. They have the best fence contractor and did a great job compared to other Hollywood fence companies we’ve been into! It looks good and we’re grateful the cost didn’t break the bank.”

Mercedes S.

​“Our business in Hollywood, FL needed an affordable and new fence that would last a long time so we consulted with the fencing contractors and they gave us some very good advice for options. We highly recommend this Hollywood fence company and we would use them again. They are the best fence installers. ”

Aluminum fence offers an easy and affordable solution to fencing. When you are seeking durable material that holds up to strong weather like strong sun, rain, and moisture, aluminum fencing is the optimal choice. It requires very little maintenance and it is classic in style and strong for any purposes you need. Whether you have a commercial or residential property in Hollywood, FL our fencing contractors can provide you with a wide array of fencing solutions to suit your needs. We are the leading Hollywood fence company you can rely on.


Privacy fencing is the perfect solution for safety, security and noise reduction. You have the benefit of knowing you have a barrier of protection from prying eyes and the ability to keep noise to a minimum. South Florida Fence Co has a host of ideas and creative solutions to provide you with privacy fencing that fulfills all your requirements on your property. Being the best Hollywood fence company, we understand it’s an investment in the market value of your home and we aim to please every customer not matter how big or small the fencing contract.

If you’re planning a sporting event or some other type of outdoor event fencing may be a good solution for crowd control and controlling access to designated areas for authorized personnel only. It’s also a great way to create temporary security when you have a construction site that needs 24-hour attention. Surrounding these areas when temporary fencing can reduce the amount of stress you have to secure these areas. Being the leading fence company in Hollywood, FL, our temporary fencing provides you with strong, versatile solutions for securing your property.

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