​Aluminum Fence

Choosing the best fencing for your needs is not always easy. There are many considerations and to make the most appropriate choice, consultation with a professional fence company is usually a good idea. Aluminum Fencing is a durable and classic fencing that is strong and does not require a great deal of maintenance. Whether you are fencing in your swimming pool or your entire property, we have professional fence installation experts who can answer all your questions and provide you with a variety of fencing solutions with aluminum as the material of choice.


When you want a fencing that is versatile and looks good anywhere on your property aluminum is going to be a great option. If you have hills or deep ditches on your property aluminum fencing is easy to install. Aluminum fencing can make hassle free transitions on any topography without deep digging and extraordinary measures for installation. Even if you want a custom size or fencing because of unique topography of your property, it is possible with aluminum fencing. The different heights and it’s ability to be used as a security measure make it the perfect fencing for commercial and residential properties.

Long Lasting

When you are seeking a fencing material that is durable and are to withstand corrosion aluminum fencing is the optimal choice you can make. If you plan to use a great deal of water nearby your fencing, it has the ability to withstand moisture as well as the harsh damaging effects of the sun. Cold weather, heat and rain can all create a great deal of wear and tear on fencing, but aluminum is one of the few types of fences that is durable when attacked by these elements. Aluminum is also able to withstand pest infestation and survive unlike wood fencing. Though beautiful and stylish wood fencing just does not have the endurance to withstand issues like termites and mold that comes from heavy rains and moisture of standing water that many be an issue on your property.

Low Maintenance

Aluminum fencing is low maintenance material that is able to withstand weather conditions without the need to repaint to keep its color. It’s ability to retain its features without restaining or polishing in or using fancy chemical solutions make it a popular choice for fencing. Aluminum is able to withstand sun, rain, and moisture for years without the wear and tear that a lot of other materials display under harsh conditions. When you’re considering an easy maintenance material to fence in your property, materials like wood hardly compare to aluminum. Simply using a spray gun to water down your fencing is the only occasional labor your may need to conduct when you own aluminum fencing.

Why Hire Us

If you’re seeking a fence company that uses top rated materials that are durable and affordable, South Florida Fence Co is the leading choice in the region. We offer property owners a wide range of fencing solutions that fit the needs of any project or event your may have. As a fencing company our contractors have decades of experience installing fencing in any type of topography.

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