Temporary Construction Fence

When you have a construction project that may take several weeks, months or even years to complete temporary construction fencing service a multitude of purposes. Even when you’re not conducting ongoing construction, temporary fencing can service a great purpose for issues like outdoor events because you need to enclose a specific area to keep people in our out. Whatever the scenario temporary fencing can be secured from a high quality fencing company such as South Florida Fence Co. We provide temporary construction fencing for all your event planning and building needs that is durable, top rate material with fast and efficient fence installation.


Temporary fencing provided a great deal of versatility when you need a designated space for a short-term project or event. It is fencing that can be moved and shifted elsewhere on your property without any hassle because it’s flexible enough for easy assembly and sturdy enough to withstand constant movement from one place to another location. Our top rated fencing can be lifted and carried easily from any location and it’s easy to store when you need to disassemble it. Whether you have a concert, sporting event, construction or outdoor party, we can assist you by installing this versatile temporary fencing.

Saves Money

There is no need to buy permanent fencing when you have a short term even or project that will be complete in a day or a few month. Permanent fencing costs a great deal of money and time to install. These are resources you could likely use for other purposes. Our fencing is durable enough to last for several months and is as strong as permanent fencing without the financial implications of permanent fencing. If you’re seeking strategies for saving money on your project temporary fencing might be a good pathway for keeping the designated space you need at a fraction of the cost.

Designated Space

When you have a special event or a construction project and you need to designate space that is separate from other areas this fencing can provide the type of control you need to direct crowds or to maintain a high level of security. Our fences are moveable and come in a variety of heights so that you can easily maintain the type of exposure or organization you need for your construction site or event. Large crowds of people can be challenging to manage without fencing that dictates the areas people can use or gain access. With fencing it’s easy to control the number of people and ensure the safety and security of property and people.

Why Hire Us

Renting fencing is an easy task when you call upon South Florida Fence Co. We have a wide variety of fencing for all your event planning and construction needs. When you are seeking security and the ability to control specific areas of your property, temporary construction fencing is often a good measure to employ. This protects your property and allows movement of people and vehicles without the expensive of permanent structures when you have a short term project or event.

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