Wood Fence

In our modern age there are a lot of fencing options and it can be an overwhelming endeavor to choose a material that is right for your home or business. Wood fencing remains a popular choice for it’s wide range of variety and versatility. Whether you cut it into different heights or customize the staining or paint, there is an aesthetic for every homeowner. If you’re looking for that white picket fence style you always dreamed of or natural log cabin feel, wood can adapt to any style and taste from traditional to modern. It’s beautiful option that is timeless. South Florida Fence Co has decades of experience providing homeowners with options for wood fencing in a variety of wood choices.


If you’re keen to ensure privacy on your property, wood fencing can provide this. It’s an affordable material particularly when you have a large swatch of topography to cover and it provides and heavy barrier that cannot be seen through. Unlike aluminum fencing or wrought iron fencing, wood is a solid barrier that is adaptable for any height you need to ensure your privacy in your home. South Florida Fence Co has installed countless wood fences in the region and our ability to provide you with the privacy you need to keep your property from view is exceptional. Whether you want lattice work used as a decorative privacy element or the height of your wood slats used to protect you from prying eyes, we can assist you.

Reduces Noise

Unlike most other fencing, solid wood has the ability to cancel out noise around your property. If you’re seeking privacy and noise reduction wood fencing offers both. Aluminum fencing and wrought iron just do not provide this kind of benefit. If you do not already live in a quite community, wood fencing can help to significantly provide you with peace of mind from noise that prevents you from a having a stress free quality of life in your home. The combination of style and noise reduction makes wood fencing a popular choice and as a fence company we have decades of experience providing you with insight on the types of wood you can use to accomplish noise reduction.


Although fencing in general provides homeowners with high security measures, the ability of wood fencing to prevent onlookers can make it infinitely more difficult for would be-thieves and other unscrupulous people to prey on your home. Wood fencing prevents easy access to see what is inside your home or your property but the solid wood is a barrier. If you’re looking adopt safer measures on your property, wood fencing might be the ideal solution to your concerns.

Why Hire Us

Fencing is a barrier between your personal space and the rest of the world and wood fencing is a great option for a variety of reasons. South Florida Fence Co has expert contractors that can provide you with insight on the best wood fencing styles and materials to give you the peace and security you are seeking. Whether you wish to put an end to prying eyes or stop high winds from circling your property or upgrade your security measures, we can assist you.

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