Privacy Fence

Fences are a good way to define your property from your neighbor and also a good measure of privacy from prying eyes. If you are seeking to create a private area around your property our fencing contractors can provide you with a host of ideas that are visually appealing and provide you with the environment you want. South Florida Fence Co has decades of experience and skill for installing fencing that has all the benefits you’re seeking in fencing. We only use top rated materials and contractors who understand the needs of clients.

Attractive Solutions

Privacy fencing doesn’t need to be plain or unattractive to form a barrier. We often work in tandem with landscape artists to provide a full area of privacy around residential and commercial properties that use trees and shrubs as additional barriers for privacy. This wall of protection can create a beautiful space when done properly by a professional fencing contractor. Our fence company understands the needs of clients for privacy and we do our best to ensure that every solution is attractive and affordable.


Privacy fencing is just about keeping prying eyes out. Oftentimes clients have a host of reasons they require tall barriers. If you have children and small pets, they may be tempted to go into unsafe areas like swimming pools and fountains. And when left unattended for even a few minutes, this could result in a dangerous situation. When security and privacy are important to you as a property owners, we can offer both. We have a multitude of suggestions to provide you with accurate and appropriate fencing to keep you and your family safe from harm.

Noise Reduction

When you use privacy fencing, you also have the benefit of noise reduction. This fencing has the ability to effectively dampen street noise and noise from your neighbor. This can prove to be an advantageous benefit when you also need peace and quiet in addition to privacy. It will also reduce the noise factor from your activities and your neighbors will likely than you profusely for the consideration.

Why Hire Us

South Florida Fence Co has decades of experience and when you are seeking privacy fence cost, you will find that we are an affordable service. Our installation and material fees offer fair and competitive pricing and our fencing contractors have a host of ideas that you will benefit from as a commercial or residential property owner. We can help you choose the right type of fencing for the needs of your property. Privacy fencing isn’t just about keeping prying eyes out of your property. We understand it is also a home improvement investment that can increase the value of your property when done correctly. So many times we have seen clients who did not have the benefit of fencing expertise before making a selection only to find that the materials they installed were not suitable for their needs. When you use our fencing contractors you can avoid these pitfalls.

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