Our Day at The Hollywood, FL Mural Tour and Peruvian Food Rush

Visiting the beautiful sandy beach of Hollywood, FL is one thing that won’t escape the wish list of most individuals. But during our visit this year, aside from the beach, we wanted to explore something different. There were many things to explore in this beautiful city (hint: check out our roundup of top 7 places to visit) and while we love the beach, we discovered a new spot that is a 90-year old building which is now a restaurant that serves Peruvian Cuisine.

Also, before coming up here, we found a site with information about a self-guided mural tour we could enjoy. It was a Downtown Project where many artists even international ones, came to improve the aesthetics of the city.

And so, we helped ourselves by downloading a guide and enjoyed the view of the city which naturally came as an accompaniment to following the mural guide. These wall arts were terrific as they really made the neighborhood looked much livelier. They are not random graffiti, but well-drawn and planned drawings from professionals and so we did the obvious.
Took a few selfies with the murals here and there. Especially with that fashionista Ariel (or a mermaid who looks similar to her).

After a good walk around the city, a few fashion distractions and a few murals missed, we decided to think about our lunch. And there’s this particularly famous restaurant called Runas Peruvian Cuisine located in 219 N 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020 which was actually a Printing and Publishing Plant in Hollywood. Before that, it was the first City Hall which was finished in 1924.

The location is pretty much within the mural tour, so we quickly walked our way there. We arrived at about 2 pm. The restaurant was pretty crowded due to its popularity, but we didn’t have to wait long to be guided to our table. My partner and I were initially impressed with the design and vibe of the restaurant which is cozy and feels authentic.

The price of the food was typical for a restaurant of this fame and popularity. We ordered their Ceviche and Seafood Rice because it won’t be right not to enjoy seafood in the coastal town of Hollywood. They were excellent and we love how the waitresses were very friendly to help and answer our questions before we decided on what we wanted.

They did not have too many items on their menus, but they certainly knew what they were doing. If you have a craving for something a little Asian, Runas offers sashimi and maki (rolls) versions of their Peruvian food.

We decided to walk off our lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon at Young Circle Park and stopped by for another break at another Peruvian restaurant/bar. It was more like a bar, and we had some drinks before deciding on where to go for dinner.

First of all, we are not heavy enthusiasts of Peruvian Cuisine, but try something new, you know. This kind of trip won’t be complete without trying new things. And let us tell you that it is a risk we would have regretted not taking! Our experience there made us think of Hollywood again for our next trip!


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