Overview/History of Hollywood, FL

There’s the Hollywood in Los Angeles, and then there’s Hollywood in Florida. It may not have the Hollywood sign nor is it filled with luxury houses of celebrities and models. But, Hollywood in Florida has a lot of beautiful places that you definitely do not want to miss. It is, after all, a “Dream City in Florida.”

But first of all, why the name? Hollywood, FL was a city founded by Joseph Young in 1925. He found the land 5 years before it was officially named as Hollywood after the Los Angeles city. Joseph had a vision of turning the city into a major point of industrial and recreational activities. Joseph put in a lot of hard work, money, and dedication into the town got nominated as the first mayor and soon, it was flourishing. Public schools and parks were open, many single houses were being built.

Progress was right in the city until the year 1926 when the Miami hurricane occurred. The loss incurred was devastating, and it was recorded as one of the most destructive hurricane disasters ever recorded in the United States. But Hollywood stood back up, fiercer and even more beautiful than ever. In fact, this disaster became a mark that helped turn it into a safer and gorgeous city.

Hollywood is located between two big cities, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, the former which is the seat of Broward County. It has a population of over 150,000 people and occupies the twelfth position of the largest city in Florida. It is also located at the edge of the island, including 5 to 6 miles off the Atlantic Ocean.

Florida was entirely free from the wars waged during the Civil War, and that was why several of the private houses and clubhouses in the city have stood at the same location for almost a decade. Since the Hurricane, no significant disaster or war caused destruction upon the beautiful city. Many of these buildings made it to the list of National Register of Historic Places.

Many of the landmarks and famous tourism spots stem from the dream of Joseph Young. He imagined a beautiful, luxury hotel/resort, which is now known as Hollywood Beach Resort. He also dreamed of building golf courses, and now the city has seven of them.

Although there were buildings that were half finished or have been abandoned after Young’s reign, Debra Case, the vice mayor since 2000 along with the current mayor, Peter Bober are working together in establishing new buildings. Young’s Mediterranean Revivalesque Great Southern Hotel will be replaced by Young Circle Commons which will contain apartments, offices, etc.

Other projects which will bring in significant changes and upscaling to the city are also being planned. This is good news, but sad as well as many old buildings which contain bits of history and past stories of the Hollywood city may have to be pulled down. That makes visiting this city an important wish list to some and maybe to you as well.

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